What to Expect when Buying a Home with a Real Estate Agent:

What to Expect when Buying a Home with a Real Estate Agent:Most home buyers are just like you.  They get an idea to buy a home or see something in passing that catches their interest and then, wham the roller coaster ride begins.  They are online looking at homes and researching the market, gathering info on the areas of the city, schools and then the phone rings… “Honey, it’s a real estate agent, they want to show us the house we saw online.”

Yup, real estate moves that fast!  That’s probably why you’re here getting the information you need to make those fast decisions.

So what should you expect from working with a real estate agent to buy a home?

After one of our agents first talks with you about real estate, be it on the phone, by email or at an open house we’ll usually invite you and your partner(s) to sit down and meet with us at the office to explore what it is you are looking for, and take the time to explain to how the process of buying a home works.  This is our opportunity to show you in a structured manner how real estate works, make sure we give you all the information you need, and REALLY make sure we understand what you are looking for.

But it’s simple you say, we want a GOOD 3 bedroom home in that area…

Trust me, we’ve heard that a lot, but our definition of GOOD may not be good enough for you, or we may need to trim down the options before we go and see any of the homes in person.  I once met a lady in Kanata who was selling her home privately ( you know Grapevine) and while she gave me a tour of the home we were chatting about how she bought it, the conversation went something like this;

Me: So how long have you lived here?

Her: About a year?

Me: and you’re selling already?

Her: I don’t really like the home.

Me: Then why did you buy it?

Her: I don’t know…

Me: Did you use an agent or buy from a Grapevine?

Her: Oh I used an agent?  We looked at every home on the market out her?

Me: All of them?

Her: Oh yah, about 40 or so.

Me: Wow and how did you choose this over all the others?

Her: I really just wanted it to end; I didn’t want to see another house….

While every Real Estate agent is different, this is one scenario that we would like to avoid.  When we meet with you at the office we are going to spend the time to really understand what you are looking for.  Hopefully by the end of our meeting we will have a great idea of what you want to buy and you will think we are the team to work with.

Eg. When we take a look at 4 Bedroom Town homes for Sale in Ottawa in Ottawa for under $250,000 there are 13 properties available right now, we’d need a whole weekend to show them to you, but if you needed a Garage…that cuts the list down to 3, we’ll show you those right now.

If that’s the case we will formalize the agreement, we have a form for that (when it comes to forms we are a lot like the apple iStore; we have a form for that.)  The last step of our meeting will be to introduce you to a mortgage broker, or you can use your own.  Regardless we will make sure we have an approval from a bank with a definite commitment to loan you a mortgage, which will set the cap on properties we look for.

Now we get looking at Homes, we’ll pick out the top 4 or 5 homes that meet your needs, see them, you’ll either want to buy one or we’ll half revise your/wait for the right home.

Best of all, our service is FREE to you the buyer.  That’s how real estate works; the seller pays our fees on your behalf!

So what do you say, can we help you buy a home?

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