5 things NOT to expect when Selling your home

Ok Here we go with the TOP 5 things NOT to expect when selling your home:Getting a home sold takes a lot of work and planning, it doesn't happen overnight

#5 It’s Easy to Sell your home, no work involved

The important thing to remember is people can see past your stuff, clutter and design tastes and picture themselves living in the home with easy. There will be no need to keep your home spotless, fix anything that’s been on your Honey-do list for years or even paint and wash the windows!

#4 You’ll be on the Market Tomorrow!

Just like every major marketing endeavour there is little need for preparation and planning, you can roll your home’s marketing into action at a moment’s notice, as they say Listed Today, Sold Tomorrow is All Play and No Sorrow (Ok I just made that up…)

#3 Hundreds of People will be coming through your home.

Here comes the herd! Once your home is listed for sale the more people through you home the better. There is little need to make sure they can afford the home, have been pre-approved for a mortgage, cause if they don’t buy it then someone they know will, be confident they will tell everyone they know about it.

#2 All the Cost’s are upfront.

The best, most reliable workers are the ones that you pay upfront, they show their gratitude for the money you have paid them with hard work and dedication till the job is done!

#1 Answers!

I’m sure you have a lot of questions, but really, do they need to be answered before you put your home up for sale? No! That’s right, just get to it blindly, how it could go wrong…

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