Finding the condo that’s right for you;

Finding the condo that’s right for you;

 Condominium projects are just like people they come in every size, style and flavour, so when the time comes for you to find the condo in the “goldilocks spot” you might have a few more choices than she did.

Let me help you to trim down the choice;

 Location & Style

 There are condo’s spread right across the city, so start by coming up with a rough idea of the area, or direction you might like to live in.  Now every area doesn’t have every type, so consider they type of condo you want to live in as well; apartment, town home, stacked, ect. and decide what is more important, living in the area you want or the style you want?

For example, Byward Market Condos represent 95% apartments, and town homes in the area are at a premium, so if this location was important to you it would more than likely be an apartment you’d consider buying.


Every condo complex has a variety of services and facilities they offer, and many times we’ve seen buyers choose to buy a condo for the features of the building or area…and then never use them.

So here’s what I suggest, look at what you are already in the habit of doing and then consider a condo complex that offers you these facilities as a option.

Work out at a gym regularly?  Consider a condo with a workout room, you might be able to save your gym membership, or at least have a back up for busy days.

Regularly hold impromptu business meetings?  Look for a condo with an board room, it’s so much more relaxing when you can pop down from your home and be back in minutes.

And the list goes on.


Looking for the lowest condo fees in the city, consider what might be left out of that deal.  While you will have to add the monthly condo fees to your budget, there may be some advantages.  Frequently older condo buildings will include Heat, Hydro, Ac in their condos fees as at the time the buildings were being built.

On the flip side, a building with amenities that you know you’ll never use could be a waste of your money on a regular basis…you know that gym membership you bought that you never used.

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