Who’s buying a house between now and christmas…do they know something you don’t?

So someone asked us the other day “Who’s buying a house between now and christmas…” and on the top of our game we answered:

“It feels like those 400 people know something you don’t…doesn’t it.”



“Who are they and what do they know?”

Ok think of it this way, who is selling their home at Christmas time?  No one wants to put their home up for sale and disrupt the family during the holiday time (and seeing as most religions celebrate something this time of year you can’t use the maybe they are not Christian excuse).

No one does, people selling their home at this time of year are SERIOUS SELLERS, and people buying homes at christmas time are SERIOUS BUYERS.

The sellers are not just testing the waters to see what they can get, they have to move, or already have, they have bought another house or this one has been on the market for some time.  They want it sold and they are not fooling around.

On the flip side, the people who are buying right now either know that the sellers are serious or have no choice but to buy a home themselves, they may have already sold theirs, be relocating to town and the holidays gave them the opportunity to do some house shopping or the time with the family has convinced them to find some independence.

Hope that helps.

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