Buy a home today…move in next week? Are you CRAZY!

Can you seriously buy a home today and move in next week?

A: Yes, it doesn’t happen often but we’ve close on residential homes in a short as 5 days, and condos in 14.  Right now there are over 350 vacant homes for sale  in Ottawa and I can guarantee some of those owner would be happy to have it take off their hands.  This is one of the three major strategy we use to help buyers save thousands of dollars when buying a home.

The real question is why would you want to close on a home in a week

Best Answer so o far:

You haven’t met my room-mate…

Share your best reasons someone would want to move in a week below; is owned and operated by Sylvie Begin, Broker  613-788-2113 of Keller Williams Ottawa Realty, Independently Owned and Operated 613-236-5959

Not intended to solicit business from anyone under contract with a REALTOR ©

What are your thoughts?

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