There is Kindness in Haitians eyes

There is Kindness in Haitians eyes

When Sylvie Begin met her Haitian sponsored child, she felt in love with life in the community and this rekindled her desire to help.

She was at her sixth trip to this tropical country, but her first with Plan International as sponsor; also her first direct contact with Roselande, her sponsored child with whom she shared, for eight (8) years, photos and so many other things, but only through letters until then.

“We used to speak about our parents, our health, aspirations …”, said Sylvie, 56, an estate Agent and broker working in Ottawa, while we were climbing the mountains leading to Gaillard, the community where Roselande and her family are living.

“But, the idea to meet her, make me feel closer to her reality and sharing her dreams,” she confessed later.

Education, work: the keys to the fulfillment of dreams

Roselande has 18 years old and received a diploma in the Plan Sponsorship system 3 months ago. Sylvie’s daughter has almost the same age and she decided to accompany her mother in Haiti during the visit; Roselande wants to be a doctor. An elusive goal in Haiti for people in remote communities, however, “since my sponsor encourages me, I feel able to do it,” believed Roselande, confident, while giving out two glances full of gratitude to Sylvie, her sponsor.

“I’m always telling her that she must study hard because education is the key to success”, corroborates Sylvie, while she is taken herself as an example to persuade her sponsored child.

After ten years of military service, she began as an agent (for commissions) in the very difficult sphere of property business and is now responsible for her own group.

“I worked hard, and now I can help other people. Try to achieve your dream, and your community will benefit,” she advised Roselande tenderly.

Monitor the correct use of her contribution

The story of Sylvie with Plan International dates from 1995, but became concrete until 2002 when she decided to be a sponsor in Haiti after a visit during which she took the opportunity to support an orphanage. Today she’s sponsoring six (6) Haitian children through Plan.

“I came, I saw that there were needs and I decided to make my contribution through Plan, she said, because I know the impact of Plan actions in Haiti.”

“Today, I came, I saw and am reassured of what my contribution was using for, and I promise to encourage other people to support Plan. ‘She said.

A warm contact

Between the coconut tasted on the spot and eggs which were donated by Roselande’s family and the neighborhood, to Sylvie’s daughter and herself, her heart will remain marked by the warmth and openness of human contact.

“They make eyes contact with you, and you read kindness in their eyes,” she delighted.

“I feel supporting a whole community through Roselande,” she says.

Roselande is graduated, Sylvie is maintaining the contact, and however she is sponsoring Daphkar, a sweet little girl of eight years old with good results at school. This is making her parents proud and happy.


Communications Assistant

Plan Haiti, Southeast

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