What’s Average in Real Estate: Orleans Edition

Orleans Homes (1)Here’s a new little segment I want to introduce you to, What’s Average in Real Estate will look at different segments of the Ottawa Real Estate market and apply the average price of homes in Ottawa to see what it really offers your.

As of the end of May 2012, the average price of a residential home in Ottawa was $380,718. So if we take our money and head to Orleans what could we buy?

There are 9 homes for sale in Orleans between $380,000 and $390,000 (which I feel is reasonable homes also sell for and Average of 98% of list price).
So the average price of homes in Ottawa could buy you any one of 9, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom homes with up to 2,300 sq ft of space including the finished basement. They all have a single car garage, range from Convent Glen up the hill into Chapel Hill, through Chateauneuf and into Fallingbrook. See what’s for sale in Orleans.



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