Why do we ask you to meet at the office?

You just want to pop by and take a look at a home we have for sale, but when we call you back we want you to come into the office first…

…why do we insist you meet us at the office to take a look at a home for sale?

Reason #1 – To qualify you, one of the promises we make to our clients when listing a house for sale is that we will bring qualified people to see their house.

Qualified = Someone one who can afford to buy the home, is interested in buying the home, and motivated to buy a home.

We’ve never met you before, so we’d like to have a chat, get to know you, and what you’re looking for, and then we can help guide you; this might not even be the right home for you.

Reason #2 – Our Safety, REALTORs (c) are a high risk target, working alone, long hours in constant contact with strangers makes us cautious for our own safety.  Take a look at the warning the Ottawa Real estate Board put out last week after a REALTOR was almost locked in the basement of an open house they were hosting.

We hope you understand that we are trying to look out for your best interests and our own safety at the same time.

Home Team Ottawa…

…Guiding You Home.

Safety Tips for Members

In light of recent events, the Board feels it is necessary to provide members with valuable safety tips. Please take heed of the following advice to protect yourself, your colleagues, and employees.

ASK POTENTIAL CLIENT(S) TO STOP BY YOUR OFFICE and complete the personal identification form before going to a property. This should be openly obtained, preferably in the presence of an associate. Information should be retained at office; knowing that a name and address are known may discourage an assailant.

Keep your windows and counters clear. Robbers and attackers don’t like to be seen, and this makes them more visible. Keep a radio or TV playing fairly loudly in the back room when you’re alone in the office. Secure all unused doors and windows, especially if they are in the rear of the office and out of sight and sound.

TAKE YOUR OWN CAR to show a property.

– Have someone from your office, a relative, or a friend join you at your open house.
– Upon entering the house for the first time, check all rooms and determine several “escape” routes.
– Make sure all deadbolt locks are unlocked to facilitate a faster escape.
– Make sure if you were to escape by the back door that you could escape from the backyard. Frequently, high fences surround yards that contain swimming pools or hot tubs.
– Place one of your business cards, with the date and time on the back, in a kitchen cupboard.
– When showing the house, always walk behind the prospect. Direct them, don’t lead them. Say, for example, “The kitchen is on your left,” and gesture for them to go ahead of you.
– Watch what the prospects are doing at all times. Do not become preoccupied with viewing the home.
– Inform a neighbor that you will be showing the house and ask if he would keep an ear open for anything out of the ordinary.

– You feel uncomfortable about showing a house to a prospect.
– You feel suspicious about a person after you have shown a house.
– You have been assaulted in any way, i.e., robbed, raped, mugged.
– Any time you’re suspicious about a prospect.

What are your thoughts?

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