Getting your home in front of Buyers

You’ve asked, and we’re here to answer your question: How do I get my home in front of ‘Real Buyers’?

Real estate marketing can be a confusing endeavor, from houses advertised for sale on hundreds of websites, magazines, newspapers devoted entirely to homes for sale, classified ads, billboards, street signs, banners to houses advertised moving cars, you can see houses for sale everywhere these days.

So where is the best place to advertise your house for sale…a place that will get it sold?

We asked the buyers, take a look at this chart that shows the 1st place buyers learned about the home they bought last year.

Chart showing where buyers first learned about the home they bought

Chart showing where buyers first learned about the home they bought

Let’s break it down and look at how these have also changed over the years;

2% of buyers reported they found the home they bought in a newspaper, home book (those free ones by the bus stops), or real estate magazine published in their city.  Long considered a staple in real estate marketing this number has steadily declined from over 11% in 2001, it tells us fewer  buyers are looking to print media to find the home they buy.

2% told us that they found out about they home they bought directly from the seller, some one they knew from work or socially or just lived in the neighborhood.  (This is not a reflection of private sales, just where they buyers learned about the home they bough, more on this later.)

5% of buyers found out about their home from a builder or a sales center.

6% reported that they were told about a home they bough by a friend, relative or neighbor. This combines both word of mouth and social media networks.

11% drove by and saw the for sale sign in the yard or the open house signs on the weekend.  For the first time in  this decade,  these two sources were combined as open house purchases have dropped from 7% to less than a half percentage, marking a new trend of buyers doing research at open houses but rarely buying the ones they see.

35% of buyers responded that their real estate agent was the one who introduced them to the home they bought. (Fun Fact: 87% of buyers reported they used a real estate agent during the purchase.)

40% found the home they bought…on the internet! Ok, maybe not the biggest shock to you, being online doing home research right now, but this has been a rapid change, rising from only 8% in 2001.  That’s a 500% increase in less that a decade and a change that the industry has struggled to stay ahead of.

So now you know, but what do you do with it….Take the internet, combine with a real estate agent and put a sign on your lawn and bam!?! you’ve got an 86% chance to sell your home?

Not quite, be sure to avoid these common home selling mistakes and take a look at this handy chart which shows which websites they buyers are using to find the home they want to buy.

What Websites do buyers use

What are your thoughts?

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