How walkable is this home? [Walkscores© &©]

How walkable is this home for sale?

By Dave Williams

In Real Estate we say 3 things matter: “Location, Location, Location” but before walk scores we couldn’t measure it.

Now, you can!

Recently the Canadian Real Estate Association announced the addition of Walk Scores© to©.

Now when browsing homes for sale you get a walk score on all the properties you are considering buying.

Rated from 0 to 100 Walk Score gives you a picture of how:
(0-49) car dependent you will be, whether you will need a car for all your errands
(0-24),have a few amenities within walking distance
(25-49) . Higher walk scores indicate whether a home is
(50-69) somewhat walkable,
(70-89) very walkable where most errands can be accomplished on foot, right up to
(90-100) is walker’s paradise.

So from here when considering buying a home you can ask” “How walkable is it?”




Walk Scores of some of our properties

530 Laurier #2301, Walk Score of 92
200 Lafontaine #1705, Walk Score of 85
300 Powell, Walk Score of 87
316 Garden Glen, Walk Score of 73


What are your thoughts?

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