Tips to Selling Your Home: Location, Location, Location

Tips to Selling Your Home: Location, Location, Location
by Dave Williams

They say these are the only 3 things that matter in Real Estate…to them I say Nay! (oops I got a little Scottish there)

Every home has positive and negative aspects of it’s location, this weeks tip is Highlight the positive aspects of your homes location. The trick is knowing what aspects to highlight;

“Know thy Buyer”

If the most likely buyer for your home is a young family buying their first home, they probably want;kids_slide

  • a fenced yard to keep the kids safe
  • nearby parks, schools & shopping

Classic nightlifeIf they are young executives they might be looking for;

  • nearby nightlife
  • great exercise trails
  • lots of parking

and empty nesters looking to downsize might be drawn grounds1_700towards properties near;

  • scenic walking trails
  • parks & ponds
  • shopping they can walk to,

It’s true that many homes, yours even fit the bill for all 3 of these potential buyers…YOU just need to make sure THEY know it!

To make this easy the most likely buyer for your home is who you were when you bought it.  What was it about the location that appealed to you then, and how can you highlight those aspects.


  • placing a map on the table or counter with “the good stuff” circled or highlighted,
  • use walk scores to score your home and print the results,
  • grab brochures from local attractions, shops, & schools so buyers know what is nearby,
  • showcase photos of the community on a corkboard or whiteboard,

Share your best ideas with everyone below, and next weeks tip: Condition of the home…part one

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