Tips to Selling Your Home: Curb Appeal – you have it wrong.

Tips to Selling Your Home: Curb Appeal – you have it wrong.
By Dave Williams

Condition, part 1: Getting them in the door.

There are Too Many houses for sale these days, so buyer are looking for an easy way to SKIP YOURS.  10 Homes to choose from…that one’s driveway is no good, NEXT…don’t like the look of that looses siding, NEXT…window frames look rotten, NEXT.

“Uh Mr. & Mrs. Buyer would you like to get out of the car and look inside?”

“Nope, we’ll tell you when we see one that’s worth getting out of the car for.”

This is the simple truth of Curb Appeal; it’s not about luring them in, it’s about keeping them from running away screaming. To find a home they like, the buyers only have to look at a few.  A single reason is all they need to disqualify your home and move on to the next.

How can you get the buyers in the door?

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Make ALL necessary repairs.

  • Fix/Replace the window frames, door frames, garage door trim.
  • Fix/replace the eaves, chimney pointing, mortar on the bricks,
  • Have the driveway sealed & leveled
  • Get the walkways evened out, replace loose stones
  • Repair/replace the roof

Spruce it up.

  • Power wash the windows, bricks, doors, siding
  • Repaint doors, trims, planters
  • Focus on the front porch/steps; remember, when the REALTOR © is showing the home they spend a good minute opening the lockbox and door, and all the buyers have to look at is your front entry (MAKE IT SHINE!)


  • Get some food colouring and dye that snow green (Kidding, just checking to see if you’re awake.)
  • Keep the grass cut short,
  • Trim the hedges & shrubs so you can see the home,
  • Pull the garden (keep only what you plan on leaving when you move) if need be spruce it up with river rock & wood chip filling rather than taking flowers the buyers thought would still be there.

Remember Buyers want an easy reason to say no to your home, this weeks tip: Don’t give them a reason to say No to your home.

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