Who would want to Live across from a School?

Who would want to Live across from a School?
by Dave Williams

Keith Bray and I were having a conversation the other day, you see Keith grew up living across from his elementary school.  Bell rings, he leaves the house and arrives on time.

Fast forward 27 years and Keith confesses he has always wanted to live across from his children’s school, but they rarely come available.  He looks at (showing buyers) over 20 houses a week, and browses hundreds online…and rarely sees a home across from a school.  Why is that he asks.

I have 2 theories, the people who live in these homes by schools so enjoy them that they rarely sell…or Real Estate Agents think the location is a draw back and don’t promote it.

So we looked, and since 1996 when the Ottawa Real Estate Board started putting properties online only 32 homes that have sold have ever mentioned “across from school” in their write ups.

Our conservative estimates are at least 300 homes across from schools in Ottawa, with a 5% population movement rate each year that means 15 should come available each year.  So in 16 years we should have seen around 240 homes for sale…

…are we that embarrassed of homes across from schools in Ottawa that we don’t even mentioned it.

Maybe the buyers won’t notice when they drive down the street…past the slow children playing sign…into the driveway across from the school…shhh don’t mention it.

I firmly believe that there is a buyer for every home and Keith is proof that homes across from schools are appealing to some.
What do you think, would you buy a home across from a school?


What are your thoughts?

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