Marketing a Homes for Sale: ProTip #7 it’s not about the home, it’s about…

Marketing a Homes for Sale: ProTip #7 it’s not about the home, it’s about…
…the People buying your home.
By Dave Williams

Marketing your home only matters to ONE person…the one who is going to buy it.  The challenge is getting your property in front of that one person.

Here’s how I do it @, I use a process called ONE-Three-5-Three-ONE

Marketing a home for sale starts with the 1 property I start by listing the 3 best features of the home, be it the newly renovated kitchen, quality hardwood flooring, the view, the landscaping, the hot tub, whatever it is that makes this home stand out from the competition.

From those three features I ask what are 5  ways these features make the buyers life better?  Hardwood is nice, but people really buy a home with it because it’s easy to clean, non-allergenic, and looks great.   An open kitchen means you can chat or watch TV while cooking, keep an eye on the kids, and have great light.  You are no longer separated from the action while doing chores.

In all truth I’ll write out a dozen and boil it down to the 5 we think are most appealing to people.  I try to keep at least one from each loose category; Time/space saver (hardwood, dishwasher, indoor garage access, Walk-in closet, ect), Comfort (hot tub, fireplace, soaker tub, ect), and Quality where I’ll look to what brand name appliances (eg. stainless steel Miele-Liebherr appliances), or building material (Western red cedar deck, quartz counter, ect) of note to highlight.

With those 5 lifestyle improvements I ask the second most important question, “Who are the 3 buyer demographics who want this lifestyle?”  Are they 1st time home buyers, people with young children or teenagers, empty nesters, foreign investors, who?  Often many of these are potential buyers and we’ll continue to distill the list down the top 3 buyer types, who really, REALLY wants to buy this lifestyle.

BINGO we know who’s going to buy your home…

…now what is the number ONE reason these buyers are going to buy your home?

Thanks for reading, as an added bonus below is a printable work sheet just for you:
(print button is at the bottom)

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ONE-Three-5-Three-ONE Work Sheet
Marketing my home for sale

Property Address:________________________________________

3 Best Features of the Home:

#1 _____________________________________________________

#2 _____________________________________________________

#3 _____________________________________________________

5 Reasons these features make their life better.

Feature 1: ___________________________  ___________________________ ___________________________

___________________________  ___________________________ ___________________________

Feature 2: ___________________________  ___________________________ ___________________________

___________________________  ___________________________ ___________________________

Feature 3: ___________________________  ___________________________ ___________________________

___________________________  ___________________________ ___________________________

Who are the 3 Top Buyers who want this lifestyle?

#1 _____________________________________________________

#2 _____________________________________________________

#3 _____________________________________________________

And the Number ONE reason they will buy this home is:



Bonus Question:  Where it the most likely place that this buyer will see this reason?  (Hint: Put an ad there)




Hope this helps, next week we find out if “Price” really matters…

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