Understanding your marketing report

Understanding your marketing report

You’ve received your home marketing report with the update on how we’ve been marketing your home over the last month and a whole lot of numbers.  Rather than try to explain it all in the email we’ve created this blog post to elaborate on your marketing report.

While the marketing strategy you’ve discussed with your REALTOR® may vary slightly, your property is now live on the MLS® system and fully rolled out.

The full launch of your property had included exposure on our personal websites;

  • TheTulipTeam.com
  • YourTulipTeam.com

while simultaneously being added to the RE/MAX Listing Service which showcases your property on RE/MAX agents websites around the city, country and world;

  • Remax.ca
  • global.remax.net (Which showcase the property in 143 countries, 41 languages and every currency)
  • TheRemaxCollection.com (for luxury properties only)

We have also created spotlight ads for your property on appropriate sites such as:

  • Kijiji
  • Craigslist
  • Used Ottawa.com
  • Facebook Marketing

and any others that may be hyper-local to your properties or the targeted buyers of your property.  These spotlight ads are intended to invite potential buyers back to our website for the full details and to engage us if they are still interested.  We’ve also highlighted your property through our social media outlets:

  • The Tulip Team’s Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr Blog
  • This Real Estate Blog
  • and YouTube

Additionally, we’ve loaded your property to the MLS® service and emailed Realtors® and their clients with the details of your property, loaded it to local and national MLS® websites and arranged for the syndication of your listing to over a dozen home shopping websites.

You’ve received a report that looks something like this; below we’ll outline what each line represents.

311 Burritts Rapids Place Last Week Total to Date
# of people who looked at Online Ads of your property 5034 5034
REALTORS® who sent the property to Clients 288 288
# of Clients who looked at your property 227 227
Showings/Previews Requested on your Home 7 7

# of people who looked at Online Ads of your property: This represents the number of people who viewed those weekly ads on your property that have been run Kijiji, Used Ottawa, Craigslist and Targeted Ads on Facebook.

REALTORS® who sent the property to Clients: This is the number of times a Realtor® flagged your property as a suitable match for one of their clients.

# of Clients who looked at your property: This is the number of clients those Realtors® emailed your property to a client and that client viewed your property specifically.

Showings Requested on your Home: This is the total number of showings requested by Realtors® for your home.  Some may have been cancelled, not occurred or rescheduled.  We track the total interest level in seeing your property here, while the attached showing report will indicate the actual number of showings that occurred.

Here’s hoping that helps, if you have any more questions about the marketing of your home give us a call at 613-788-2113

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