2126 Westbourne Update – When Sylvie Begin & Bill Meyer team up homes get SOLD!

When Sylvie Begin & Bill Meyer team up homes get SOLD!
by Dave Williams

Sold Stamp over the picture of 2126 Westbourne Avenu in Glabar Park, a bungalow witha  carpot that Bill Meyer sold in March 2014When I joked about the race to sell 2126 Westbourne Avenue last week, little did I know it would come down to multiple offers and end up sold the same week we listed it for sale.

One Sunday Bill Meyer is hosting the open house for a Glabar Park bungalow that needed someone to see it’s potential and put in some sweat equity.  The next Sunday Bill is presenting multiple offers to the seller including one from his client and one from his business partner Sylvie Begins client.

In the end Bill Meyer & Sylvie Begins’ co-operation brought an amazing buyer and seller together to create a win-win deal.


If you are considering selling your home this spring talk to the team experienced in Ottawa Real Estate, Home Team Ottawa (-dot- Com).  We’ve sold over 1800 homes since 1985!


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