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Ottawa Real Estate Statistics for Sandy Hill

by Dave Williams and Sean Tassé

How is the real estate market in Sandy Hill?
Starting at a high level, sales in Sandy Hill dropped 27% from 2012 with 95 properties selling in 2013 compared to 130 in 2012.
The prices in the area saw a slight, 0.8% growth from $470,210 in 2012 to $474,175 in 2013.
Breaking it down, there were 39 homes sold in Sandy Hill for 2013 which was down nearly 33% from 58 sales in 2012, and their average sales price was $627,889 up 7.5% over the last year.
2013 saw 56 condo sales, predominately in the Clarridge developments on Rideau Street sell for an average of $367,124 which does not include any of Clarridge’s sale in the newer buildings.  That is a significant drop in sales, down 23% and price was down 3.1% from 2012.
So far this year, Q1 2014 there have been  11 home sales for an average of $502,711 and 16 Condos Sales for an average of $345,243 which is right on track with last years sales and may trend a little higher throughout the year.
Currently we have 89 properties up for sale, 74 condos and 15 homes. which represent 4 months of sales for homes and 13 months worth of sales for condos.
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