When your tenants set up a grow-op

When your tenants set up a grow-op
by Dave Williams

01 916 Fairlawn - Land Value OnlyThis is 916 Fairlawn Ave.  A cute 3 bedroom bungalow in Ottawa West’s mature community of Glabar Park and it’s a nightmare to the current owners.

In the fall of 2012 they put in upgrades galore, a new roof, windows, furnace, kitchen, bathroom, & hardwood and rented the home out for the end of December.

60 days later the new tenants were charged with setting up a marijuana growing operation in the basement and 279 marijuana plants were seized.

When the city conducted an environmental assessment they condemned the building, nearly $24,000 in remediation before they’ll deem the property livable again.  Faced with another bill for a property they just sank thousands into, they’ve chosen to sell the home for a loss and move on with their lives.  They right buyer, willing to put in the work could have a great discounted home in the area or a builder could demolish the property and build on the 50 x 100 foot lot.





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