How to Make Sure you are getting your MLS® Updates

Buying a home with a Home Team Ottawa agent is always an adventure.   It’s exciting and stressful, engaging and a little terrifying.  One of the biggest questions we get is how do we make sure we don’t miss “THE” property.

After our buyers agents meet with you and go over your criteria in detail to narrow down the home you are searching for they enter that information in to our Multiple Listing System® which notifies you when the perfect home comes available.

To be sure you get these emails right away, be sure to white list which is the email address you’ll receive these properties from.

This marks a change in how the emails were being handled before.  Previously they appeared to come from your agent’s email but a number of emails services such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo flagged this as suspicious.

So if they don’t look to be the same as you were receiving them before, don’t panic (grab a  towel) and give us a call to be sure you’re system is customized to receive the property updates properly.

Setting up Gmail to get your MLS Property Search

Start by clicking on the Gear in the top right hand corner and select “Settings”

How to set up my gmail to recieve my realtors emails of homesThen along the top click on “filters”

How to set up my gmail to recieve my realtors emails of homes settings and filtersAt the bottom of the “filters” tab you will see a line “create a new filter”

in the “from field” add: then at the bottom of this box click “Create filter with this search>>”

then check the box “Categorize as:” and sellect “Personal” from the drop down list.

How to set up my gmail to recieve my realtors emails of homes categorize as personalHope this helps, as always we’re here to serve you.  If you have any questions bout Ottawa real estate give us a call.

Home Team Ottawa

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