Hey Dad, You’re 1 in 8.6 Million! Here’s to You

Happy fathers Day from Home Team OttawaFrom Home Team Ottawa -dot- Com to all 8.6 Million Dad’s out there in Canada, have a Happy Fathers Day.

This week the Vainer Institute of the Family release their report of Fathers in Canada for 2014.  There are 8.6 Million fathers in Canada, 3.8M of us with kids under 18yrs old living at home.

We hope that means 3.8M breakfasts in bed!

The greatest revelation we had from reading this report was there has been a 16% increase single father households. So if you are a single dad this year looking for a great deal on a condo or home for you and your kids check out our dream home finder of chat with one of our housing consultants today at 613-788-2113


What are your thoughts?

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