Buying a Condo by Carleton University for your kids? Things to consider.

Time has come once again that student are preparing to flock back to Ottawa and are starting to figure out where to live while attending Carleton University. Many returning students find they would rather find an apartment or room off campus than living in residence again and some parents are considering buying a nearby condo for the few years.

Carleton University is located along the banks of the Rideau River and Rideau Canal on Bronson Avenue near Riverside Drive (just north of that intersection).  The Billings Bridge, Rideauview and Old Ottawa South communities are nearby and tend to be the areas students consider.
CarletonU CondosThe Billings Bridge community surrounds the Billings Bridge Shopping Mall that include a grocery store, Target, OC Transit Station with quick access to downtown and the south end of the city. One bus, the #4 takes students right to Campus.
The Old Ottawa South community on the North side of the Rideau River is walking distance to campus, features numerous shops, cafés and restaurants along Bank St and nearby Brewers Park that is always abuzz with activities on the field and off.
Across the river past Hog’s Back Falls and by the Rideau Canoe Club the Riverview community features numerous condos and apartments surrounding shopping plazas with groceries, TD and BMO banks, restaurants, and a nearby Wild Wings.
Some of the advantage of students living in off campus are:
  • proximity to non-university owned shops, restaurants and cafés
  • more space and independence than in residence
  • potential profits from real estate appreciation over 4 years
…of course many of these can easily be drawbacks depending on the maturity of your children.  We strongly recommend you chat with one of our area experts to see if out of town condo ownership is right for you as there are many factors to consider.
Is it a financial gain or would your money make more interest elsewhere?
Are you planning on renting excess rooms to other students?  Who will be responsible for them?
Who will maintain the condo & expenses?
Will you visit Ottawa to choose the right condo or allow your children to make that decision? ~ 613-788-2113

What are your thoughts?

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