5 Reasons to Move to Manotick

Get away from the noise.
written by Egor Evseev

Get Away from the Noise

Get Away

Its 4pm and you’re sitting in your car on the Queensway, its hot outside and your AC isn’t quite cutting it. You can tell because you want to be in a cool lake right now. Well Manotick is an amazing place to get rid of all that. While technically being in the city of Ottawa it is a community unto itself. With everything you will ever need minutes from your front door you wont have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city.

Get in touch with your Outdoorsman

Get Away 2

When was the last time you had your own garden? When was the last time you could walk a river 2 minutes from your front door? In the Manotick Village you will be able to enjoy nature in so many ways. Go canoeing on the Rideau River, go fishing by Watsons Mill or simply enjoy the warm clean air from your backyard.

Be Close to the city.

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You’ve been considering getting out of the city for a while but can’t quite give up the convenience of being close to all the amenities! Manotick is the place for you. Located on River Rd, which becomes Ottawas riverside drive. You will be able to get into the city in 15 minutes to run those errands and the drive home will feel even quicker!

Be a part of a Community

Get Away 4

Manotick Village: where your neighbor has your back and you have theirs. The community and sense of togetherness in Manotick village is something to truly marvel at. Smiling at people passing on the streets is sure to leave you in a better mood! With year round festivals, and events you will feel like you belong to a large family.

Be closer to your loved ones

Get Away 5

Living in Manotick your place will surely be a hit among friends and family. You will be fighting off 4th cousins and friends of friends who want to come spend an evening in paradise. The moments you will be alone with your family will become memories treasured forever.   Take the grand kids boating, or go for a tour of Watsons Mill – you’ll have a hard time keeping them away!

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