Ottawa Real Estate Report for November 2014

Ottawa Real Estate InfographDuring the month of October 2014, members of the Ottawa Real Estate Board sold 1,121 residential properties,compared to 1,089 in Oct.last year. An increase of 2.9% in total number of properties sold. 

It took an average of 88 days for a property to sell last month which is 3 days longer than the average in September.

Of these 1,121 sales, 927 were houses, and 194 were condominiums. 
Octobers average price for all properties sold was $355,813.  Down 1.2% from last year.
The average sales price for a freehold home sold last month was $369,540. 
Down 3.2% from October 2013.
Condominium average prices Jumped 7.3% compared to last year, to $290,224, this increase is largely due to 6 sales over $1,000,000.  (More on this later)

2,368 New properties were listed for sale in October
, bringing the total number of properties for sale up to 7,550 an increase of 12.5% over last year.


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