Buying a home is more than just the number of bedrooms or square footage of the home, it’s more than the decor or upgrades, it’s about the Life Style it allows your family to live!

#BywardLifeStyle is our way of infusing excitement back into the Byward market condo scene.

Photo Credit: Byward Market by Connor Turner #BywardLifeStyle

Photo Credit: Byward Market by Connor Turner

Use #BywardMarket in your tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook posts and app updates to help show the world the amazing shops, clubs, art, events and culture of the Byward Market.

If you’ve got an amazing sunset from your balcony; Share it! #BywardLifeStyle

Got a favourite Café? Share it! #BywardLifeStyle

posting a video of Buskers, Concerts or Clubs? Share it! #BywardLifeStyle


Let’s get Ottawa excited about living the #BywardLifeStyle

What are your thoughts?

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