Home sold in hours, how did JP do it?

JP Gauthier sold this property in 5 hours, with a little sight of hand and marketing tricks.

JP Gauthier sold this property in 10 hours, with a little sight of hand and marketing tricks.

Have you every see a REALTOR® advertise home sold in days, or hours and wondered how they did it.

Wonder no more, I’m here to tell you the secrets of selling your home fast in any real estate market.


The property to the right here is a single family home in the Orleans subdivision of Fallingbrook, JP Gauthier listed the property for sale and launched it on January 20th at 2pm, by 7pm an interested buyer had seen the home and by 9pm JP and the buyers REALTOR® were thick in negotiations.

As of 12:05 January 21st, just over 10 hours after the property hit the market it was conditionally sold.

Seems amazingly simple right?

…well it was January 29th just after noon before the conditions were completed, the buyers having conducted their inspection, arranged insurance, verified their banks financing approvals for the specific property.  So even though the property was sold in 10 hours, it still took 9 days for all the details to get worked out.

But wait there’s more…

You see JP listed the property for sale on January 9th.

Over the next 11 days, before the property was launched JP arranged for his staggers to visit with the home sellers, arranged for professional photos of the staged home and creation of the virtual tour.

While the home sellers implemented the recommendations to make their home look amazing, provided JP’s marketing department with all the details of their home so glowing ads and property descriptions could be created.

That’s how HomeTeamOttawa.ca and JP Gauthier sell a home in a few hours, with weeks of dedicated team work and preparation, your home selling process can seem like a miracle too.

You can reach JP at 613-369-5972 and HomeTeamOttawa.ca at 613-788-2113

Sylvie Bégin, Broker
Bill Meyer, Keith Bray, Sean Tassé, & JP Gauthier, Sales Representatives
Direct – 613-788-2113
Email – MoreInfo@HomeTeamOttawa.com

Keller Williams Ottawa Realty,
Independently Owned and Operated Brokerage
Office — 613-236-5959
Not intended to solicit business from anyone under contract with a REALTOR ®

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