An Open Letter to Home Buyers in Ottawa

March 24,2015
To prospective Home Buyers:

Purchasing a home is a major undertaking and one of the largest purchases that anyone will make in a lifetime. Also, without a doubt, it can be a very trying, emotional and stressful experience; especially when looking for your first home. As somewhat experienced (but dated) home buyers ourselves, we were helping our son who was looking to buy his first home. As retired military, we have purchased a number of homes during a 30 year career but our last home purchase was our current home almost 24 years ago. So as you can imagine the housing market has changed somewhat since that time.

We initially started to look on our own but we quickly realized that finding that perfect home that would suit or fulfill our son’s idea of his dream home… was not going to be an easy task. To our good fortune, we found Keith Bray but then again… perhaps it was him that found us. Right from the onset, during our initial contact with him through email and over the phone, Keith was very reassuring and took a lot of the pressure associated with the home buying process off our shoulders.

Keith wasted no time in documenting Ricky’s desires and expectations with regards to what he was looking for in a home. ln a relatively short time, Keith found the perfect home and we might add; perfect to a T in what Ricky was looking for as his dream home. As a result, Ricky could not be any happier with his first home buying experience. lt was within his price range, the type and size of home, and the perfectly-sized lot that will demand very little of his time with maintenance and upkeep. lts location relative to work is ideal, and this is the type of home that he often talked about for whenever he would buy a home one day.

of all the agents who broughtDuring a conversation with the sellers at a later date they stated “of all the agents that brought prospective buyers through our home… Keith stood head & shoulders above the rest”. They also asked us “Where did you find him?”

As our buying Agent, Keith’s wealth of knowledge in real-estate was evident throughout the whole house buying process. As a result, our house buying experience with Keith was most pleasant. This was also due to his very calm, pleasant and most reassuring demeanor. To sum things up, and of great importance: Keith is someone you can trust in looking after your best interest.

Keith, thank you very much for a most pleasant house buying experience; we would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a home and please feel free to share this letter with anyone.

Our Sincerest Regards, WUli, Reg & Ricky Murphy
Morewood, ON

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