How to Buy a Home for 20% BELOW their asking price.

Would it help your bottom line if you could buy your next home for THOUSANDS of DOLLARS less that its asking price? In your local market, right now, many hoses are selling for thousands of dollars less that they should have. Why can’t one of these be the home you buy?

It can be you!

Our EXCLUSIVE PURCHASING STRATEGIES have saved our clients over $370,000 in 2011, $563,412 in 2012, $580,980 in 2013, and $478,807 in 2014!

Well priced & staged listings are going to sell right away. If you are looking for a Premium property you need to be prepared to pay their asking price (or above) to secure the Home. However that is NOT EVERY HOME…and here is the opportunity. In Sept 2011 for example 641 homes sold in the Greater Ottawa Area, 57% of them within the first month they were on the market. You can bet they were scooped up quickly and for a fair price…

…but you’re not here for a fair price, you want to buy a home for an unfair price, which means a DEAL FOR YOU!

SO here is what we look for: If the seller sets their price too high, their house won’t be picked for viewing, even though it may be much nicer than other homes on the street. They may have told their REALTOR® to “Bring me any offer. Frankly, I’d take less.” But compared to other houses for sale, the home simply looks too expensive to be considered, and so people don’t and the home frequently sit on the market for a VERY LONG TIME, often dropping in price to far below what market value dictated it should have sold for.


If they make a mistake, or intentionally price the home too low, the house will sell promptly, yes, but they may make less on the sale than if they had set a higher price and waited for a buyer who was willing to pay it.

These are the scenarios we look for!

The 3 vital questions we ask to find these great deals are:

Is this home priced to High/Low to what have similar homes in the area sold for?

How long has a home been on the market?

Is the Home empty (Vacant)?

Or Call today 613-788-2113 and set up your COMPLIMENTARY meeting, and we’ll show you personally how to buy a home for up to 20% less than market value.

Tactic #3: It’s already empty, let me take it off your hands

One of the key factors we look for in identifying properties that might sell for less is whether the owner or tenants are living in the home. It’s easy for someone to stick to their price when their life doesn’t change; they can say to themselves, “If the home doesn’t sell we can just stay here.” The same goes for rented properties, “if it doesn’t sell, I guess we can just keep making money off it.”

But when the home is empty…then the PRESSURE IS ON. It doesn’t matter if the home is paid off, the owners are paying something every month, be it insurance, taxes, utilities, snow removal or just someone to pop in every three days to keep the insurance up.

That means there is always a point where keeping the home up for sale becomes more costly than selling it for a reduced price.

Look at it this way, if the home is up for sale for $200,000, but is sitting empty, costing the owners $3,500 a month, they could wait 6 months and accept their price…but it COSTS THEM $21,000 to wait, when they could have just accepted $179,000 today and been on their way.

This is exactly the reason we look for these opportunities, an owner who understands what the cost of holding on to the properties is, will be more likely to sell for a discount.

Don't let this be your home, Sell SmartTactic #2: HOW MANY Days on the market?

“Days on Market” is how real estate agents refer to the length a listing has been up for sale, and sometimes there are little tricks used to hide this fact. I’m looking at a specific property right now (can’t tell you which one though, sorry) it has been on the market 12 days, looks nice place, great photos, then I dig a little deeper into the history, and it was up for sale for 194 days before…this is just a next listing cause the time ran out on the old on, and then a little deeper it was listed for sale back in 2009, and again in 2008…twice, and again twice in 2007. This home has spent more time “For Sale” that it has been enjoyed.

So here is the question, do you think they might take a little less to have the home SOLD, how many offers do you think they have entertained? My guess is 1 or 2, probably the first or second time around, and now their listing price is lower than either offer, they would probably love to see an offer like that again but their ship has sailed and now they might be a little more reasonable when entreating offers…or maybe not, in that case we move on, there are other deals out there.

Tactic #1: Is this home priced to High/Low to what have similar homes in the area sold for.

Some home owners when listing their home for sale choose a price that is too HIGH in hopes of drawing in a buyer who is either uniformed or willing to pay full price for the upgrades in the home.

When a home seller chooses a listing price that is too high, despite how nice the home may be many potential buyers feel reluctant to make an offer that they feel is reasonable for fear of insulting the home owner. (Yes you heard that right, they may not get offers cause people don’t want to insult them.) You may have heard people use this strategy when they say “I’ll put the price up so even if someone offers me Ten Thousand less I’ll still be happy with the price.” What really happens is the home sits on the market, actually out of the market for weeks or months, the home owners reduce the price again and again in hopes of finding a buyer and in the end, they either decide not to sell or accept far less than the house is actually worth because they can’t get a reasonable offer.

On the flip side some home sellers set a price that is too low when listing their house, usually in hopes of creating competition, or as we call it multiple offers, in hopes of getting buyers to bid more than the asking price to win the home. What happens though when only ONE offer comes in? They take it, or don’t, but end up accepting closer to what they asked for than what the home might really be worth.

Some home owners, when the time comes to sell choose a price that is too LOW for the home, because they were in a hurry to sell, didn’t research the market properly, or were misinformed as to the TRUE value of the home.

In both these cases we must be poised to move quickly, because when there really is a good deal you have to recognize it and be ready to move.

Want us to put these strategies to WORK FOR YOU? Call today 613-788-2113 and set up your COMPLIMENTARY meeting, and we’ll show you personally how to buy a home for up to 20% less than market value and add you to our EXCLUSIVE BUYER SYSTEM.

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