Only 1 in 5 Ottawa homes are selling.

04 Percentage of Homes and Condos Selling in Ottawa - Real Estate StatisticsOttawa is experiencing a  great real estate market so far this year.  It’s had its ups and downs but overall the president of the Ottawa Real Estate Board, David Oikle has described the market as performing very well.

But that’s not the reality our home sellers are seeing, when we speak with them each week we have to answer the question “why isn’t my house sold?

The answer varies by home and client but over all the sentiment is; There are a lot of houses on the market and in order to sell yours simply has to be the best value in your area!

Right now in Ottawa only 1 in 5 houses for sale gets to a sale.

If we didn’t add any more homes or condos to the market it would take until 2016 to sell everything for sale right now.

So we are having tough conversations with our sellers right now, in order to sell your home in Ottawa’s current real estate market you need to be; Serious about Selling, Willing to make your home The Best in the Neighbourhood, and offer incentives to encourage buyers to Act Now!

You can find out what your home is worth in today’s real estate market
with our handy-dandy on line home value estimator.

Serious Sellers

As we move from the current balanced real estate market towards a buyers market there are great opportunities to save money when moving up to larger homes.  This is unfortunately not a good time for “testing the market” but a great time for motivated sellers who understand the gains they make on the other side of the transaction outweigh any lose or price depression they may experience when selling.
(Give us a shout 613-788-2113 and we can explain more.)

Make it the Best

As we are experiencing the highest inventory levels in history, buyers have LOTS of CHOICES.  A buyer looking at your home may look at 12-20 others, in order to win them over your home simply has to be the best one they look at.

With so many choices there is no sense of urgency, buyers figure there’s more than enough time to contemplate buying this or that home and even if one sells they still have multiple other choices.

Offer Incentives

By offering incentives to buy, especially time sensitive ones you can encourage buyers to take action.


Make an offer on this home by Sunday and we’ll pay your land transfer tax.

Close by August 31st. and Wall Mounted TV’s are included.

Sellers are offering a $2,500 closing bonus for any firm deal prior to July 31st.

To learn more about how we’ve helped over 40 home owners SELL THIS YEAR! visit

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