Sold House Prices in Ottawa


The Challenge for anyone who is not a REALTOR® is finding out what a home actually sells for as oppose to the listing price. While we can’t publish those sold prices due to privacy legislation (and face it, you wouldn’t want your houses sold price published either) we can keep you privately up-to date on the market in your neighbourhood.

Wondering what your neighbour’s house sold for down the road?  You’re not alone.  The comparative pricing strategy is they number one method REALTORS® use when determining what listing price will get a home sold.

This dynamic blog post with be a growing, regularly updated resource for the sold house prices across Ottawa so be sure to bookmark it and check back monthly. (if you have a specific neighbourhood request please post it in the comments below and we’ll add it to the report.)

The average sale price of a house in Ottawa compared to the last list price was 97%* (ie. they sold for 3% less)

Updates will be posted on our new permanent Sold House Prices page as of September 30th, 2018

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