A Heartfelt Fairwell to Sean Tassé from Home Team Ottawa

Home Team Ottawa Agent - Sean Tasse is SquareIt’s always sad to see a cherished team member and friend move on but that’s the inevitability of business and life.
Sean Tassé, blazed into our lives with enthusiasm and energy that will be dearly missed.  Quick with a joke and a comforting word everyone who worked with Sean will tell you he approached every day looking to make someone feel good about themselves.

Here at Home Team Ottawa we had the opportunity to watch Sean grow from a bright eyed, eager new sales representative who’d just earned his real estate licence into a seasoned, experienced REALTOR® with over 3 years of experience under his belt.

When he joined us as a Buyers Representative he enthusiastically sought out anyone he could help buy a home.  Over the years he learned how to recognize their needs, wants and desires and help them find the right home for that stage on their lives.

Always one to accept new challenges when a position for Listing Representative opened up he leapt for the chance to help home sellers achieve their dreams.   Well versed in our marketing systems, and adept at understanding buyers needs & dreams he set to work connecting home sellers with buyers facilitating smooth sales.

Sean, we’re truly grateful for your friendship, comradery, energy, enthusiasm and bad jokes (come on you knew they were awful!).  We wish you the best of luck (opportunity & preparation) in everything you do, and since you’re holding on to your real estate licence make sure we see you across the table (You got any investor clients for a duplex in Vanier?)


All the Best in Family, Business and Real Estate,

Home Team Ottawa


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