How to Appeal your MPAC Assessment?

Do you disagree with your MPAC assessment?

Is the assessed value of your property to high? If so you may choose to follow up with MPAC by submitting a Request for Reconsideration.

This is time sensitive and the appropriate action must be taken before the deadline listed on your Property Assessment Notice. When filing the Request for Reconsideration you will need to include the reasons behind your concerns, while also providing all key details of your property that may have gone unnoticed as well as information that may not have been accurate or available at the time of the assessment.

This form is most conveniently accessed on (page one of your assessment will provide your Roll Number and Access Key to log in and access the form.).

Following submission, property assessment experts at MPAC will review your Request for Reconsideration with great detail. All information provided will be considered. MPAC will provide the review within 180 days (or less) of submission, if they deem your evaluation inaccurate the appropriate changes will be made and a new Property Assessment Notice will be issued. After this process if you are still displeased and believe your assessment to be inaccurate you can appeal the assessment to the Assessment Review Board (ARB) at the Environmental and Land Tribunals of Ontario by submitting the form ($10 submission fee) on there site .

Here at Home Team Ottawa we can also provide a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). By gathering information on your home and using it to assemble a list of comparable properties in your area, this will allow us to determine the market value of your home. To begin this process follow the link below

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