[Review] My experience with Keith Bray was fantastic!

testimonial-laurier-piquetteNeighbourhood Knowledge 5 / 5.00
Experience 4.9 / 5.00
Professionalism 4.9 / 5.00
Negotiation Skills 5 / 5.00
Property Knowledge 4.9 / 5.00
Communications Skills 5 / 5.00
Contact Expectations 4.9 / 5.00

My experience with Keith was fantastic! He knows his stuffs. Often I had questions difficult for me but he’s just like a mind reader he will give you an answer then you are speechless because you know he s got the experien ce and it works. He always ahead of the game and he will help you no matter what. Anyone looking to buy a house do not wait ask for Keith he will help you out. I am a very busy person as a trucker and he did some of my work at times which I appreciated big time. Keith knows how to read your mind and very intelligent person and above all respects your decisions but he will put his tips to you if he think you are off track. He saved me a lot of time and money. Keith, I give you credits and thank you so much for helping me you were the best and have been pretty lucky to have you. Cheers!!

Review by Laurier Piquette

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