I Love Working in Real Estate!

I’m one of those lucky people who truly love my job.  Yes, it can sometimes be frustrating and I work long hours, but, it is also rewarding and I get to meet some amazing people.

This month has been a bit of a whirlwind, with multiple buyers actively looking for homes that seem to sell before we’ve been able to get in the door to view them.  But, one couple’s home search did pan out and it’s a wonderful story.

Owning a downtown condo with a one year old daughter was becoming an issue for them.  Not enough storage room, more “play” room needed for an increasingly mobile child, along with a longing for a yard and a good school zone location, led them to put their condo up for sale and start looking for a family home.

Thanks to our aggressive marketing of their beautiful condo and savvy negotiating by the listing agent, Keith Bray, they found themselves with a sale on their home in one day!  Now it was my turn to find them a home that would be a perfect fit for them for years to come.  A place to raise their family.  No pressure there!

After quickly consulting with our clients about what they were looking for in this new home, a personalized search was set up.  Within a couple of days, we were out looking at homes.  Being focused on properties that met their criteria, we quickly found a home that checked all their ‘must have’ items.  An offer was submitted and accepted.  Voila!  They had found their new home.

What was truly great about this purchase was that the sellers also felt that they had found the perfect buyers for their home…. a place where they had raised their family and created many happy memories.  We received the following from the sellers’ agent:

“The sellers would like your buyers to know how absolutely thrilled (their words exactly) they are that a young family with a little girl is moving into their home. There has been a lot of love in this home and they hope your buyers will be very happy there.  Some of their children and grandchildren live in the area so not to be surprised if one of them skateboard by one day shouting ‘that’s where my nanny and pappy used to live!’”

It’s end results like this that make my job so rewarding and make it so easy to say: I love working in real estate!

What are your thoughts?

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