Using A Buyer Specialist to Buy A Home [Video]

If you are a buyer in this low inventory market, like the one that we currently have here in Ottawa (2017-18), its imperative that you are working with a Buyer Specialist to help you and your family find your new home.

What’s the difference between a buyer specialist and a regular real estate agent?

Well…the average agent in Ottawa last year sold
10-11 houses.
3-4 of these the agent was acting as a listing agent representing the seller and
6-7 they were representing the buyer.

They have additional duties such as;
writing ads,
processing the listings on the MLS,
maintaining their websites,
printing feature sheets,
taking photo,
staging the house,
processing the deal….
and the list goes on…

They’re generalists.

A Buyer Specialist, like any professional specialist, is very focused in the tasks they do.
They perform specific tasks in greater quantity, which leads to an increased knowledge and to the developing of their skills, to a much higher level than the average agent.

We have number of Buyer Specialists on Home Team Ottawa that are helping
buyers a year purchase a home.

Their tasks are to meet with you, the client, assess the needs and wants you have in your new home, explain the home buying process, and to put together a strategy to help you find the right home.

Their not writing ads, staging properties, processing reams of paperwork.
They’re out in the field, showing clients homes studying the inventory, learning the market, They’re negotiating offers on behalf of their buyers
times a year.

They’ve developed their knowledge and skills.

It’s a Realtor with these skills that you, as a buyer, need… rather deserve in today’s market.

I hope this helps… in you… understanding the value of using a Buyer Specialist in today’s market…

Of course my Team does have Listing Specialist as well…but that’s for another day.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to us at 613-788-2113
or find Bill Meyer and his team of specialists at

What are your thoughts?

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