For Sale By Owner | What is a Neutral 3rd Party Negotiator

Here’s and interesting idea if you’re thinking of selling your home yourself.

As a For Sale By Owner you meet many private buyers, and hopefully one who loves the home, and wants to buy it…so it’s sold right?

You’d be surprised how often For Sale By Owner have problems putting a deal together, even with a buyer that loves the home and wants to buy it.

There are,
misunderstandings of the home selling process,
some times cultural differences in how people negotiate,
occasionally something the seller should have disclosed but didn’t think was a big deal, or forgot about…

…so as a For Sale By Owner how do you put the deal together and get your home sold?

You need a translator,
a 3rd party negotiator to help,
you with any discomfort about the offer,
and the buyer with their expectations.

A professional who understands,
legal documentation
current market conditions and trends,
someone experience in handling negotiations and who easily deal with challenges that arrise.

This is how you get a higher price, a quicker sale with fewer problems.

If you need a 3rd party to make it happen, Sylvie can help!

What are your thoughts?

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