What’s it like to live in Quinterra? with Sylvie Bégin, the self proclaimed Queen of Quinterra

What is it like to live in the Quinterra neighbourhood of Hunt Club, Ottawa.

Sylvie Bégin: Well I’m glad you asked, I do know Quinterra quite well. Over the years I believe I’ve sold 45 homes in Quinterra (as of April 2018).

What sort of homes are found in Quinterra?

Sylvie Bégin: There are not condos in Quinterra, we have row units, townhouses, and row bungalows and of course large single family homes and a few detached bungalows.

Prices vary from $330,000 (Apr 2018) to the large homes backing on the river worth $1.2M – $1.5M. (Apr 2018).

Where’s the best shopping in Quinterra?

Sylvie Bégin: Where do you eat and shop? well right in front of quin/rs gate there is a small mall with a restaurant (Vittoria Trattoria, Pho Kam Long), and some boutiques (New Yourk New York Hair Salon), and I believe there’s a dentist office (Riviera Smile Centre). You can easily go there, a lot of my clients love to walk there on a nice summer evening.

There is also right at the end of Riverside Drive, a 2 min drive to Riverside & Hunt Club. A large shopping area with a grocery store (T&T Groceries) and some restaurants like Moxie’s, Tim Hourtons (Subway, Pho Thu Do, Morals Village, Second Cup), boutiques (Anytime Fitness, Global Pet Foods, Dollarama, Baby enRoute, Noir Salon & Spa) which is very convenient. There is a lot of easy access and no traffic.

Are there any good parks in Quinterra?

Sylvie Bégin: Right in Quinterra we have a couple of small parks. Right at the end of Malhotra court there is a small little playground with a slide and swings for kids. Every time I go by there are always a lot of kids, even in the winter they pile snow and slide there. Also right behind Kimberwick there is a large park (Uplands-Riverside Park) with a soccer field and a hill that they slide down near the river. Of course we also have the (Rideau) river right behind the community, great if you like to canoe or kayak or simply walking along the path.

A wonderful community to live in.

If you have any questions about the neighborhood give me a call, I even own my own rental property.


Sylvie Bégin, the Queen of Quinterra.


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