14 Questions to ask your Ottawa REALTOR® before you hire them.


2022/01/10: This blog has been updated here.  

Getting to know your REALTOR®

When interviewing a REALTOR® to handle your largest financial transaction, you deserve the best. Here are several questions to ask for your peace of mind.

1. Do you work as a Full-Time REALTOR®?

2. How long have you been selling real estate?

3. How many houses do you sell a year?

4. Do you work as an independent agent or as part of a team? If part of a team what do you do and what do the other members do?

5. How many full-time assistants do you have? What work do they do?

6. How many qualified buyers are you/your team working with?

7. What system & strategy do you use to maintain an inventory of buyers for the properties you list?

8. How many houses do you currently have listed for sale?

9. What is your track record of selling homes? How long does it take, how much do you sell for compared to the listing price?

10. Do you have a written marketing plan specifically designed to sell my house?

11. Where and how often will you advertise our house for sale?

12. In what ways do you encourage other REALTORS® to show my house to their buyers and encourage them to bring an offer?

13. How will you keep me informed on the status of your marketing, feedback from showings, potential offers?

14. Will you provide us with written activity reports of the marketing, showings, buyers feedback and RELATOR® comments on the property?

15. If we decide to hire you what are the first 7 things you’ll do to showcase my house in its best light and give it the best chance to sell quickly, for more money with the least hassle?

Be sure any REALTOR® you are interviewing can back up any and all statements. Don’t accept anyone who falls short, can’t substantiate, or waffles in any way. You deserve the BEST representation!


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