Laroche Park update by Reed Allen

Are you ready for the new Laroche Park?  

 On Oct 25, 2018 the community held its 2nd public consultation on the design concept, and this one shows much improvement to the use and the flow of the park.

The first and personally most exciting change to the park is the permanent hockey rink and facility.  This is courtesy of the Ottawa Sens Foundation.  This rink marks the 20 rink the sens foundation has donated, and also their last.   If you are familiar with Laroche park, you will know the seasonal rink is located right behind the Community Centre and lacks proper care, maintenance and parking to get enough use.  With the new rink location being in the top right hand corner of the park and being accessed off Bayview instead of Stonehurst, it allowed the rink to have it’s own dedicated parking.  Thus also keeps alot of traffic off more residential streets like Stonehurst.  The rink is planned to have 2 basketball courts, change rooms and washrooms.  

Another exciting change coming to the park is the renewal and revitalization of the splash pad/kids park.  The new kids attraction will be more inclusive to kids off all ages.  This will and improve the current sand box, swings, slides and Gazebo with the addition of new climbing apparatuses and challenging structures for the older children.  

Other such changes the park will under go will be a brand new state of the art Community centre with better views to allow for more natural light.  The ultimate frisbee field for the most part remains the same except it will run vertically through the park instead of horizontally and the addition of an event patio.  To tie all these new attractions together and make the park more handicap accessible the city will add walking paths to each new feature.  

Lastly and definitely not least, the planting plan.  This plan will see numerous new tree’s brought into the park, along with other plants, shrubs and flowers. 

This is a 2 year plan for Laroche park and once completed it will be one of Ottawa’s nicest parks.   

See for yourself in 2020!  
1. parking lot
2. community building
3. raised planters
4. event patio
5. Pathways
6. Splashpad
7. Gazebo
8. Open Space
9. Play area
9a. senior play(geared for kids 5+)
9b. junior play
9c. swings
9d. sand play
10. ice rink/baseketball court
11. Teen area(a proposal for a skateboard park was brought up at the last community meeting)
12. ultimate frisbee field
13. Junior Softball diamond
14. Electrical bunker
15. Possible offleash dog park.

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