Secrets of Selling your House | Questions to Ask when Hiring a REALTOR® | Part 1

Throughout my years of consulting clients in selling their homes, I’ve found there are a few, key questions, that homeowners like yourself need answers to, in order to feel confident in the REALTOR® they hire.

One of the first questions most sellers ask themselves is about price and cost.  Is the agent able to show me what buyers are willing to pay for a house like mine in today’s market?

  • What will it cost me to hire a REALTOR®?
  • What will they do to get my house sold?
  • How will they market my house?

Does the agent have an all-encompassing marketing plan? A plan that uses today’s tools and technology to reach the greatest number of potential buyers.  It’s by reaching the greatest number of potential buyers that we are going to find the “right buyer”. The buyer that is going to give you the price and terms that are acceptable to you.

Does the agents pricing strategy not only attract potential buyers to visit the home but also cause the buyer to put an offer in writing that allows you to net the highest dollar possible.

  • What about the other stuff?
  • What should I do to get my house ready?
  • What about after the sale and during the move?

Does the agent have the systems and services in place to not only get your home sold but to service all your other needs throughout the entire process?

What are your thoughts?

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