[SOLD] 193 Arcola Private [Testimonial] Andrea Diaz on working with Reed Allen

I had the fortune to have met Reed in 2017 when he helped me find a home in Ottawa after one year of living in the city.
In June 2020 my ex partner and I contacted Reed once again as we truly enjoyed working with him.

This time Reed helped with both, selling my house and finding a new home.
His advice from the very first conversation was outstanding.
Reed made himself available right away to our convenience and he prepared a very detailed presentation about the status of the market, comparable houses and potential strategies to be used in the marketing process.

He is remarkably knowledgeable and yet kind to hear all your concerns and respond to every single of your questions. Reed was also very thorough when providing direction and guidelines on how to proceed along the process.

He guided us in the best direction in every single step and after using his suggested market strategy we got to sell our home for a completely unexpected price. We couldn’t have obtained a better outcome and that was thanks to his vision and professionalism.

Our house got sold in no time and $50K over the expected price. His negotiation skills were remarkable.
Reed shows that he truly cares about his clients and makes sure he listens and addresses all of your concerns.

His patience and positive attitude as well as his confidence in how to move along the process let you rest assured you will get what you want.
This was also the case when he helped me find my new home within a very tight deadline and with plenty of criteria that I set up for my search.
When I was stressing out or feeling frustrated because I couldn’t find the place I truly wanted, he made me believe again in the process and assured me we would find my home just in time.

And it happened! I’m asked Reed million questions and he was always there to respond in the most friendly, professional and timely way possible.
I haven’t met any other real estate agent to be able to see other traits, but after working with Reed in these three processes and seeing the exceptional process and results associated to working with him, I will continue without a doubt to happily rely on his advice in future opportunities.

I will certainly recommend my friends/colleague to go with the best real estate advisor and great person they can get, and that’s Reed!!.

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