Are You Living in the Right House?

For Right Now.

To say this year has been extraordinary would be an understatement. No one could have predicted at the beginning of 2020, just how differently we would be living by the end. Covid has changed everyday life on a large scale; from limiting trips out of the house, and how we interact with one another, to masks being considered fashionable, and carrying hand sanitizer everywhere we go. But, it hasn’t been all bad. Some of the biggest silver linings to come from slowing down this year have been the amount of quality time families are spending together, a globally renewed sense of work-life balance, and the vast majority of companies have been switching to include more of a work from home culture.

Have you found yourself sitting at your desk (read: dining room table) looking at the 4 walls of your 1 bedroom condo, and wishing that you had a second bedroom to use as an office, or that you didn’t have to walk through (and touch!) so many shared spaces on your way in and out of the building? Not to mention waiting forever for an elevator now that you have to ride alone.

Perhaps you’re longing to live closer to nature; or at least to a nature trail that you can run, walk or bike along when you take a moment to clear your head.

Maybe you’re living in what you thought was your Dream Home; but now that the whole family is home 24/7 – working, learning, and socializing – 9 months of working side by side with your spouse and kids has you longing for a little separation, at least in the workday. Not to mention a bigger backyard where the kids can burn off more of their energy at “recess.” Sure, it might take you further away from the office; but you just found out that you won’t be going back there very often, so the distance is no longer an issue.

Do you see youself in either of these scenerios? Then you might be living in the wrong house for these times. Suddenly what you thought was your Dream Home, or Dream Condo – one that suited every aspect of your lifestyle is feeling cramped, or your lifestyle has drastically changed and it’s time for you to make a change.

If you are looking to make a change; whether it be to a bigger home, more rural living (with good internet!), into or out of a condo, or for any other reason that you might have – we have highly skilled agents who can help make that move as smooth of a transition as possible.

And, if you’re already living in your Dream Home – have you been noticing homes around you listing and selling in no time this fall? You can easily find out what your home is worth in today’s market, from any of our talented Sales Agents.

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