Preparing Your House For Sale In Ottawa | Advice from The Tulip Team’s REALTORS®

We asked some of our top agents what the most important factors are when you are considering selling your house.

Reed Allen
Should you renovate before you sell? or Sell As-Is?

The important thing to consider here is the buyer demographic, who is going to be buying this house? What will they be expecting from a house in this neighbourhood?
A great way to get that answer is when you sit down with your Tulip Team REALTOR® and take a look at the most recent houses to sell in the neighbourhood. How were they positioned and prepared?
An older demographic may be willing to accept a more dated finishing while a younger, modern buyer may expect a much more refined experience.

Sylvie Begin
What’s the most important part of preparing to sell your house?

100% Staging! Start with de-cluttering and preparing the space to make sure it shows the best possible options for buyers. Each buyer is different so you want to be sure the space shows options.
If your house is not prepared it’s very hard for buyers to visualize how they might use the space which decreases your chances of selling.

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Martha Tobin, Stager – Stagerite
Staging is different from interior decorating. When decorating you are trying to create a style & environment for the owner whereas with staging you are trying to create an environment where the buyer can envision their style in the house.

Keith Bray
How do you market a house for sale?

In today’s world getting the most exposure to your house is critical. By using the maximum number of platforms you can ensure the house gets the most exposure, and by getting the most exposure you can find the right buyer for your house who is willing to give you an offer with the best terms and conditions.

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Kayla Meyer
How do I time the market to get the best price?

There are so many market factors and variables that it is almost impossible to time the market right. What you want to do is focus on factors that are within your control, making the house look its best, stagging, fixing flaws, touching up & polishing any rough edges. As well as making sure you have an agent who will get professional photography, videography, and marketing to showcase your house in the best light. Finally, make sure you are pricing the house accurately for the market that you are in. It’s never a bad time to sell your house.

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