Winter is a special time in Canada. It’s a time when families come together to celebrate the holiday season and enjoy the beauty of the snowy landscape. But it’s also a time when homeowners need to be extra vigilant about keeping their homes warm and safe.

To help you prepare for the winter months, here’s a checklist of things you should do to winterize your home:

  1. Check your furnace and heating system: Make sure your furnace is in good working order and that all the vents are clear and unobstructed. Consider having a professional inspect and service your heating system before the cold weather sets in.
  2. Insulate your home: Proper insulation is key to keeping your home warm and your energy bills low. Check the insulation in your attic, walls, and crawl spaces to make sure it’s sufficient and in good condition. If it’s not, consider adding more or upgrading to a higher-efficiency material.
  3. Seal windows and doors: Drafty windows and doors can let in cold air and increase your energy bills. Use weatherstripping to seal any gaps and consider adding plastic window film to help insulate your windows.
  4. Protect your pipes: Cold weather can cause pipes to freeze and crack, which can lead to costly repairs. Ensure any pipes that might be exposed to freezing temperatures are well insulated with foam pipe insulation.
  5. Keep your gutters clean: Snow and ice can build up in your gutters, causing them to freeze or become clogged. Clean out your gutters before winter arrives to ensure proper drainage and prevent water damage.
  6. Stock up on winter supplies: Make sure you have a good supply of salt or sand, and a good shovel or functioning snowblower to help deal with all the snow and ice that will come.
  7. Check your roof: Snow and ice can cause damage to your roof, so make sure it’s in good condition before the winter weather arrives. If you have a flat or low-sloped roof, consider hiring a professional to clear snow and ice to prevent collapse.

By following this winter home checklist, you can help keep your home warm and safe throughout the cold winter months in Ottawa. Stay prepared and enjoy the beauty of the season!

See The Tulip Team TikTok below, where Alex Wickham tells you more of his tips to help prepare for winter!

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