WANTED: Sales & Productivity Manager

Tulip Team Sales & Productivity Manager 

Who are we? 

The Tulip Team is a group of 15 real estate agents and 5 support and service personnel led by Bill Meyer at RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Group.  

We are recognized as one of Ottawa’s top real estate sales teams, a team that is goal focused, where each member purposefully helps each other achieve their business objectives and strives to provide a level of service that exceeds our real estate clients’ expectations. 

We are looking to grow our leadership team with a Sales & Productivity Manager who will oversee the daily productivity of our team and agents, recruit, train and mentor our new field agents as they join The Tulip Team and grow the success of our existing agents. 

Who are we looking for? 

The Sales & Productivity Manager draws energy from working hands-on with salespeople and holding them accountable for their goals to share in their success.  They have a positive outlook and a sense of gratitude and are resilient and flexible in finding active solutions.  As a leader, they can build rapport and trust with their agents and staff and can unite all team members in their commitment to the team’s goals and standards. 

You would lead the sales team by recruiting, training, consulting, mentoring, and holding them accountable to The Tulip Team’s quality of service, and their personal success goals while demonstrating a high quality of real estate knowledge, skills, and habits of a high-achieving sales agent who is committed to putting the client first. 

You would also demonstrate a commitment to growth and mastery by continuing to attend courses, seminars, and conferences to improve your industry knowledge and continue to regularly practice scripts and dialogues along-side the sales agents. 

Most importantly you would be committed to investing in the individuals on the team to regularly provide them with learning and growth opportunities. 

What will you do? 

Reporting to: Bill Meyer, Tulip Team Leader 
Location: Bronson Office, 610 Bronson Ave. Ottawa 

Primary Objectives  

  1. Lead to the mission and vision of The Tulip Team’s with your sales agents. 
  1. Recruit, onboard, train, consult, mentor, and hold accountable the sales agents to their goals. 
  1. Coordinate with the Team Leader (Bill) and Director of Operations (Dave) to support the sales agents in their success. 

Regular Work Activities  

  • Attend and participate in Monday team meetings at 11:00am 
  • Hold daily Power-Up sessions Tue-Thu at 9:00 am 
  • Lead weekly team trainings Wednesday 12:00 – 1:00 pm 
  • Hold weekly 1-on-1 accountability meeting with each member of the sales team 
  • Attend weekly 1-on-1 accountability sessions with the Team Leader 


  • Able to show discipline in other aspects of life 
  • People focused and excels at building trust and rapport 
  • Good organization skills 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Learning based 
  • 2+ years of real estate sales experience 
  • 2+ years of management experience 

For more information or to chat about his opportunity reach out to Bill Meyer, Bill@TheTulipTeam.com or call 613-788-7418

What are your thoughts?

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