The Benefits Of Being On The Tulip Team

Most agents newer to their residential real estate business have no idea how to get started and to build a solid foundation for their business. My job is to help them do just that. I’ve created a supportive, learning based environment to assist agents not only when they get started, but through coaching and consulting them throughout their career. Allows them to not only build a high level, successful real estate business, but also one that focuses on them having a fulfilled and balance life.

There’s a long list of benefits on being part of the Tulip team. As a new agent. You get the training, you get the support, you get the accountability. Those are all things that are really hard to do on your own. And then as you progress with your business, there’s continuing education, talking strategies, talking what’s actually going on in the market so that you’re not kind of lost in learning about things too late. You can be at the forefront of what’s actually happening in the real estate market.

Seven years ago, when I first got my license, I was kind of lost as a new agent with zero experience. When I joined the team, they gave me support, training, and motivation every day.

The value of being on the Tulip Team is the support that the team provides, whether that be for leads, for new clients. If you have a question about something, there’s always somebody on the team who has an answer for you. There’s always somebody around to help.

There’s a lot of value, and it depends what you’re looking for. So if you’re looking as a new agent to receive guidance from experienced agents and focused training, then that’s a big value add to you. If you’re an experienced agent and you’re looking for younger agents to mentor or perhaps do some of your showings for you, things like this, then there’s another value added to you.

It’s my 13th year of being a real estate agent. I get to mentor a couple of new agents a year, help guide them through the process of becoming an agent and answering their questions late at night while they’re out with clients and doing offers.

We have a really excellent service team that helps us with our buyer clients, our seller clients, and our marketing. We get administrative support. We get support with making our social media content, with doing videos, pretty much all the extra stuff that you have to do as a real estate agent so you can just focus on servicing your client as best as possible.

The guidance and care of our team leader, Bill Meyer, to be honest, has changed my life and it’s helped me to build my business. And that’s why I don’t call the Tulip Team just a team. I call it a Tulip family.

So if you’re a newer agent just getting started in the residential real estate business or an experienced agent that’s looking for a little more assistance and balance in your life, let’s get together, chat about your real estate career and the benefits and the services that the Tulip Team has to offer its agents and just see if we’re a right fit for each other.

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