Best Tips to Selling your Home (Photo Series) #5 Chandeliers

After paint…you read paint right…the next cost effective upgrade to add value and WOW to your home is a Chandelier, or two, or three. Last place my wife selected…yup had a chandelier. The first place we lived…yup chandelier. You can see the trend here.

A nice, affordable (yes they can be affordable) chandelier can really class up an eating area, grand stairwell or reading nook. Make the space as bright as possible by replace all your light bulbs with the highest recommended wattage, natural light bulbs.

The next step up is directional spot lighting, often on fixtures or tracks to highlight features of the home (remember the arts going with you) such as fireplaces, nooks and decorative mouldings.

Photo 1 via Katie Hargrave “How many Chandeliers can be in one flat?”

Photo 2 via Katina Rogers “Chandeliers”

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