Looking for R4 Zoning in Ottawa: Good Offer, Easy Sale

Hello Ottawa home owners, Dave here with a special message from Keith Bray, Home Team Ottawa’s lead buyer agent and around affable guy.

Keith has several investor clients who are looking for any home on R4 zoned lots with 45 feet in width. They are very specific about this but will look at and make an offer on practically any R4 zoned property that is 45′ or wider.

If you are thinking of selling your home and would like to avoid the hassle of going on the real estate market, give Keith a call at 613-407-2729.

His clients will look at ANY property, regardless of condition, it can be falling down or in the ground but if it’s got R4 zoning and 45′ wide they’ll take a look and could take it off your hands for a good price.

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