Best Tips to Selling your Home (Photo Series): #3 Lose (not loose) the pets & children

Not everyone is a dog person, not everyone is a cat person, not everyone loves children. Be sure to eliminate odours and evidence of your cherished little ones as their toys, and leavings can distract from the houses overall appeal…and be sure to REMOVE THEM FOR SHOWINGS.
Cats, Dogs and Kids are sales killers, they completely distract from the house.
Time and time again we’ve take clients through homes who loved or hated the pets and all they could talk about for the rest of the tour was the pets…they didn’t even see the house.
Have a friend, relative, neighbour or hire a walker to remove your pets for showings and if you have little ones limit showing times to when you can reasonably remove them from the home. Hit the park, go to the library or tim’s.

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Selling Your Home When the Market is Slow

In the wake of the worst month of home sales since 2010 in Ottawa Real Estate many people are asking; is this the right time to sell my home, Should I wait till the market gets better, and What if I have to sell my home?

Good news everybody, even now in a “slow market” hundreds of homes are selling each month and if you need to sell there are many was to ensure it sells.

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